Posted April 1, 2015

Contextualising the William Barak Apartment Building

Listen to the public talk recently held in the Deakin Edge discussing Indigenous visual representation in Australian architecture.

The discussion was centred around the recent unveiling of the 31-storey portrait of Wurundjuri leader and elder William Barak in the balconies of the new Grocon apartment building. The building was designed by ARM Architecture who worked closely with Wurundjeri elders in the design. The news of the portrait provoked widespread social media commentary both for and against.

The panel of speakers included:

  • Howard Raggart – ARM Architecture, architects of the William Barak apartment building.
  • Carey Lyon – Lyons Architecture, architect for the refurbishment of the Yarra Building at Federation Square, for the Koorie Heritage Trust.
  • Jefa Greenaway – Principal, Indigenous Architecture and Design Victoria, working with Carey Lyon on the design of the Yarra Building spaces.
  • Linda Kenndy – completing Masters of Architecture with the University of Melbourne and author of blog page, Future Black, Decolonising Design in Australia’s Built Environment.
  • Aunty Joy Murphy – Senior Wurundjuri elder of the Kulin Alliance and descendent of William Barak.